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M&E Officers at work

The ART Project is mainly concerned with giving a compressive package in HIV/AIDS care. The day to day running of the project is done by the coordinator, who also heads the project and acts as a link between the hospital administration and the project staff on one hand and the donor (UEC for this case) on the other hand. The project is under the PHC department which is headed by the PHC Coordinator
The clinic runs on a daily basis with active care and treatment of patients from Monday to Thursday, Friday is reserved for staff meetings, internal case reviews, CMEs/CPDs, and outreaches. Wednesday is the TB clinic day, Thursday is Paediatric clinic day.

We have one satellite unit that care and treat patients on a daily basis, 2 outreach sites i.e. Buhesi and Kyakatara with Kyakatara dealing mainly with PMTCT and Buhesi dealing with ART.
Buhesi:- Last Friday of the month
Kyakatara: – 2nd Friday of the month
since Some of the activities covered by the project include;
•Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT) and Routine Counseling and Testing (RCT) services, VCT for clients who come by themselves to the clinic or mobilized by the AB sensitization workshops and trainings. RCT for pregnant mothers in ANC clinic or patients admitted in the hospital
• Care and treatment by giving ARVs and/or cotrimoxazole prophylaxis
• Looking for and Treatment of opportunistic infections
• Counseling
• Support the orphan and vulnerable children who are infected and/or affected by HIV/AIDS through;
o Provision of scholastic materials
o Psychosocial support
o Ensuring child security and rights by sensitization and awareness
o kitchen gardening to prevent malnutrition and ensuring food security
o Development programs like raring animals such as cattle, goats and piggery
• Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV (PMTCT) and Early Infant Diagnosis (EID). Currently we are practicing option B plus
• TB diagnosis and treatment
• Abstinence and Be Faithful program (AB). Abstinence for unmarried youth using the value of life curriculum and Being faithful for the married couples
• Laboratory services. We offer a wide range of laboratory tests including CD4 Testing, viral load, blood chemistries(renal function tests, liver function tests), full blood count, haemoglobin concentration, VDRL/RPR, Urinalysis, microscopy(ZN for AAFBs, Auramine stain, gram stain, malaria stain)
• Carry outreaches thus bringing services near to the people.

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